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Samuel Eaton's Day

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Samuel Eaton's Day
A Day in the Life of a Pilgrim Boy
Photographs by RUSS KENDALL

Samuel Eaton has hardly slept from excitement! Today is the day he will help with his first rye harvest. If he can prove to his father that heís up to the task, he will be able to work with the men instead of staying home.

But he has chores to do before leaving the village. There is water to fetch, a snare to check in the woods, and kindling to gather for his mother.

When at last itís time to begin harvesting the rye, binding it proves to be even more difficult than Samuel expected. His hands become sore and blistered. The sun burns his skin. And the straw in his breeches and down his neck makes him itch all over. Samuel mustnít let Father see how he is struggling. Was he foolish to think he could do manís work?

Photographed in full color at Plimoth Plantation, a living history museum in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and based on real people of the time, this is an accurate portrayal of life in seventeenth-century New England.

For more information about the lives of the pilgrims, visit www.plimoth.org.

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