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Tapenum's Day

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Tapenum's Day
A Wampanoag Indian Boy in Pilgrim Times
Photographs by RUSS KENDALL

What is the greatest honor a Wampanoag Indian boy can hope for? To be chosen to become a pniese, a warrior counselor. That is Tapenumís dream. But his dream is dashed when other boys are chosen and he is not.

As Tapenum goes about his day, he canít stop thinking about his disappointment. But soon, with great determination, he makes a plan. Today he will begin training himself to become stronger. He will improve his hunting skills and run long distances every day. If he can become strong in body and in spirit, perhaps he will be chosen next ar.ye

Tapenumís Day explores the life of a Wampanoag Indian boy in the 1620s. The photographs were taken at Hobbamockís Homesite, an exhibit at Plimoth Plantation in Massachusetts. It is an accurate portrayal of native life at the time of colonization by the Europeans.

For more information about the Wampanoag people, visit www.plimoth.org.

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